About lawcoin

We provide a tokenize economy for the global legal industry through the adoption and usage of the LAW coin utility token. The LAW coin is a fast, cheap and secure blockchain solution for the global legal industry as a store of value or payment of goods and services. LAW coin is a TRC10 token built on the Tron blockchain ecosystem. We enable you to buy, hold, trade and accept the LAW coin as a store of value or payment of goods or services on a peer to peer basis without a financial institution or middleman.

Payments are sent directly to your TronWallet, TronLink or Ledger wallet and you have immediate ownership and access to your funds. You may trade your LAW coin for other coins such as Tron (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Lawcoin.lawyer is owned and operated by The Injury Law Group, P.A.

How to buy and store lawcoin

Buy and Hold LAW Coin

Buy your LAW coin at the Tron TRXMarket DEX exchange. You can store your LAW coin securely and safely in your TronWallet, TronLink or Ledger wallet. Hold your LAW coin as a store of value or exchange them for other altcoins.

Use LAW Coin Within Our Partner Network

You can hold your LAW coin as a store of value or use your LAW coin for payments of goods and services any participating attorney's office, law firms or nonprofit legal services organizatons. You can easily and safely send your LAW coin to friends and family.

Trade LAW Coin for Other Cryptocurrency

Trade your LAW coin for other cryptocurrency such as Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. You can easily convert your cryptocurrency back to cash such as USD and EUR or apply for a Visa debit card and use your coins where Visa is accepted.

Road Map

Join the lawcoin Commmunity

Join the LAWCOIN Community for our latest updates and news about LAW coin. If you are an attorney, law firm or legal services organizations looking to join our Partner Network, please register and a create an account. When you start accepting the LAW coin token at your business as payment for goods and services, we will list and promote your business in our community partner network database. Accept LAW coin now and increase your clients' volume and revenue. It's easy to start. Simply go TRXMarket, create an account and buy your LAW coin. Then join the LAW coin community and post your legal services advertisement on our Partner Network section of the community page.